Little Bird by Jools

I have a love hate relationship with this exciting brand. As a brand that is available on the high street, to the masses, at affordable prices, it is truly a breath of fresh air. It is designed for Mothercare by the British designer Jools Oliver (though the clothes are made abroad). Full of bright primary colours, and retro styling, it is just totally different to anything else you can get in the same price band.

I particularly love the fact that many of their clothes can be unisex. I love dressing Rory in brights. The girls dresses and skirts are often 60s or 70s in style and pattern, and Kaitlin doesn’t have many because I’m just not sure I really like some of those at all. There are smocks and A line dresses and a couple of lindy bop style too, which I am very happy to see on the shelf but they are not really for me. As much as I’m sure Kitty would rock them… Of course!

imageBut Rory has a fair few pieces of Little Bird. Short shorts and bright appliquéd t shirts, bright red dungarees that he wore on his first birthday and twins with his sister. They also have towelling short play suits for this summer that they look great in. They do amazing colourful retro long socks which finish off their retro outfits perfectly. They each have a wonderfully bright pair of pyjamas too (see header photo).



For Kaitlin, my favourite item of Little Bird is her smart coat. It has beautiful vintage styling with velvet collar and white piping, and looks gorgeous on. She also loves her twirly apple dress.

The “hate” bit of this relationship with Little Bird is nothing to do with the design, or the clothes on offer. I’ve personally never had a problem with the quality of the clothing either (though I have come across others online that have had issues, especially problems with prints fading). It’s the SIZING.


It is very obvious that this company must make their clothing in different places. If you buy raglan long sleeved t shirts they tend to come up a size small (short but often still long in the arm). You have to size up. Certain dresses are huge. The shorts and play suits are small. The raglan jackets and most short sleeved t shirts are true to size. I had to sell on Kaitlin’s green floral patterned mini skirt (see photo) in 3-4, and it was enormous. It just fell down! I bought an 18-24m instead, and it’s STILL cinched up as tight as it can be on the button adjusters!!! 12-18m might be a bit short, but length is the only thing that wouldn’t fit on her. I then had to replace her complimenting 3-4 raglan top with a 4-5 so that it didn’t ride up.

Thankfully the Little Bird and Retro Childrens Clothing Preloved Buy and Sell group on Facebook is very friendly. If you post a question about sizing of a particular item someone will always post a helpful reply.

I don’t think these problems should stop you buying Little Bird. Some of their stuff is amazing. But if you do, I suggest you measure it or at least be prepared to take it back for swaps! Enjoy browsing the brights! 💜

PS I am not affiliated in any way with Little Bird by Jools or Mothercare, this post is just my own ponderings…

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