This funky week!

This is a rather long and self indulgent ramble about the clothes I have enjoyed seeing on my children this last week. I make no apologies for it – this blog is about sharing what I love but I suppose not everyone will like everything the same as me. I really hope you enjoy reading this wander through a week’s worth of outfits; I’d be interested to know whether I should bother ever doing this again or if you just get totally bored, so feel free to leave me a comment to tell me to shush if you feel that way inclined!

Last week was a really great week for Kaitlin and Rory’s outfits. This stands true even despite the fact that at the end of the week I was struggling to get Kaitlin to take her “gardening dress” off (a lovely detailed dress from Next which twirls beautifully). These last few days she either wants to be in that or in her Disney Cinderella dress up dress!


The week of awesomeness started on Sunday with a hot sunny day. The kids were going out for a picnic with Daddy while I was off out with my mum. Kaitlin finally agreed to wear some shorts and delighted in getting to wear her straw hat.

Her top was from Gap and I think slightly big… But the 3-4 was very short on her and would not have lasted very long at all. The bright colourful shorts are from Next and are just lovely – the colours really pop next to the dark top. And Rory was looking a right little dude in some denim Oshkosh B’Gosh! short dungarees with a luminous edged vest from Next. He is supercool.



Granny visited on Monday. Kaitlin wore her new blue Zara summer playsuit (in my opinion a beautiful alternative to the white playsuit with gold stars that we returned to them because it was pretty much see through. Kaitlin liked the stars, but sheer knicker-revealing clothing is not appropriate for a three year old! It seems that my beloved Zara don’t always get everything right!) But, when we arrived home after some shopping she insisted on changing into a dress (no change there then!)…

It turns out that her eBay bargain Minnie Mouse dress is a hit. It’s from the Disney Store and is a) marbled pink b) has a tutu c) twirls properly d) has Minnie Mouse on it and e) Minnie Mouse GLITTERS!!!




Rory wore some white Verbaudet checked dungaree shorts which are not my usual style, but he really looked lovely in them and I can’t wait to get them on him again. (He also had a ridiculously huge DUNS sun hat on, which stayed on for at least half an hour while he dug up the plant pots before it was flung to the floor. It was really hot and sunny, but he didn’t get sunstroke or sun burn, so I think that’s a win!)




imageTuesday was also hot. It is a nursery day for Katy, and she wanted to wear two dresses. In fact she took one of them to change into. Yes, I know that’s ridiculous and that I’m a mug! I thought she’d forget all about it, since she wanted to show her friends her pink Minnie Mouse dress. I imagined it would be so popular that she’d forget about the other one. Of course she didn’t… So at lunch time she changed into a strappy white long summer dress from Verbaudet, which she stubbornly boiled in because it is lined! Next time I will be in charge. One weather appropriate dress is enough for one day!!!



Rory spent his Tuesday in comfies, wearing a short romper with a colourful appliquΓ©d whale on it from M&S. I was surprised how nice it looked on, actually. He duly covered it in spaghetti. Serves me right for forgetting a bib!




Wednesday is gymnastics and swimming lesson day. Kaitlin headed off to gym in her pink and turquoise Viciouswear jumpsuit which is pretty damn cool. She had never properly worn it before and quite liked it – with skulls on the knees, she called it her pirate suit!


It’s still a little big for her so after her lesson she switched into… You guessed it… A dress! This time though she wore a lovely cool little dress from the Artisan capsule at Zara. With her straw hat, this lasted ALL DAY! (Well, at least until the evening at Nan and Grandad’s where she put her Cinderalla dress on again…)

Even Kaitlin’s new swimsuit was lovely (it’s from Next and is a hit because it has a tutu!)



Rory rocked pink all day on Wednesday with a bright neon Zara polo tee shirt, paired with his rolling teddies Huxbaby trousers. He looked great! After swimming he wore his cute grey short sleeved bear romper for ease (and he’d soaked his other clothes with a drink in the car. It’s always an error to give a baby their drink in the car, however short the journey… You’d think I’d have learned that by now…).





Thursday is another nursery day. Kaitlin decided she would try her Molo birds top, and her gorgeous little striped Zara shorts. I love these shorts, with the buttons up the front on either hip. They are soft and comfy and fit her perfectly.image She was pleased because everyone at nursery liked the colourful birds, and because she was wearing her sunglasses! Rory wore a bright yellow Zara tee shirt and denim shorts and spent the day being mischievous at home. He switched into some Boys&Girls Shop toucan leggings for crawling about outside purposes in the afternoon. These have some bad wash wear (that kind of faded fluffy coating look) but I still love their colour and style.



On Friday we had visitors round for a picnic in the garden. Kaitlin chose her Little Bird by Jools apple dress (it twirls right up to her waist…) and Rory absolutely rocked his Converse All Star vest and running horses Molo leggings. The vest was a gift – I’d never have bought it- but I’m so glad we have it. The colours are of a beautiful depth and quality and it really looks good on. In fact we have already been made offers for when we sell it on preloved! So maybe this is a brand that will hold its value, if you are interested in that sort of thing.



And then we got to the weekend. Our first delivery from Caboodle Kids arrived! (I’ll be blogging about them soon!) So Kaitlin spent all day in a new handmade dinosaur skirt (which twirls) and a simple yellow tee shirt from Next. Her little yellow Mary Janes from Next with some long turquoise socks really set it all off. She knew she looked good – you can tell by how she jumps about. She changed into her lovely Next “party dress” for a trip out to the nursery party being held in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. We nipped into the garden centre on the way home where I got this lovely shot. And when home she was straight back in her skirt!

Rory started the day in his green Molo seaplanes vest and matching green Molo trousers which I love on him. The colours really suit him. Unfortunately by lunchtime we were already in the garden, so we switched him into things we didn’t mind getting absolutely ruined! A lovely pair of Next monster bum joggers which wash really well and a grey George (Asda) tee shirt I got from a friend. A good thing we did, judging by this photo! I’m happy to say though that no clothes were harmed in the making of this photo, and everything has cleaned up beautifully!

So, seven days and seventeen outfits in the scamper and twirl household. I absolutely love kids clothes, and I think this was a good week! πŸ’œ


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  1. Petite Words says:

    I too share your love of little clothes! Some many times I pick things up and long from them to grow just a tad bigger (ok much bigger) so I can wear them!!! #BloggerClubUK


  2. randommusings29 says:

    What gorgeous outfits. I loved Saturday’s in particular, so bright and summery πŸ™‚
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK πŸ™‚


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