Introducing scamperandtwirl


Hello! My name is Holly. I work part time, and I have a husband and two children; Kaitlin (3) and Rory (1). I have always enjoyed buying my kids clothes, but over recent months I have discovered more brands, more places and ways to buy, more styles. And in turn I found I was buying more, and more, and more… Their wardrobes were (are!) ridiculously full, and parcels were landing on the doormat daily with new or preloved togs inside.

I started to think I was a kids clothing addict. But then, a brilliant group of friends I know helped me realise that actually, I just had a passion that I didn’t know how to handle, or what to do with. And so I thought about it some more, and got excited, and it dawned on me that I do know a lot about children’s fashion now. I know how to shop for it, the different styles, what sort of things are available, and where to get good deals. I know what goes well together, how to dress my children for different days and occasions, and how to do comfy yet supercool. How important it is, some days, that the skirt twirls.

So this blog is a bit selfish really. It’s me nattering and pondering on all things kids clothes… The stuff we have, what we love, new stuff we find, and basically talking about anything that pops into mind about dressing our children that makes me think, and what I have learned.

I really hope you enjoy it!

You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @scamperandtwirl … It would be great to have you with us.

Holly 💜