Summer holiday packing lists!

I was going to write about Caboodle Kids this week but I have just received another order that I’d like to see on Rory before I put pen to paper on that one. So that will be next week. Instead, having just got back from a lovely holiday in Cannes, I’m going to share my conclusions about packing for a holiday in a hot climate for toddlers, and what the packing list should look like. (Not what it did look like!) It seems a bit boring but selfishly I think it’s quite a useful exercise while the holiday is fresh in my mind. And maybe it will help you out too if you are contemplating a trip away somewhere sunny.

Of course I packed the children (and myself for that matter) too many clothes. Don’t we always? And too many shoes. In fact, that was ridiculous. It was great to be able to switch them into clean stuff every time they got mucky though – you can’t scrimp too much on quantity if you want that freedom. But there’s flexibility and a few extra quick changes and then there’s EXCESS…

So this is what they did wear, and what they didn’t.

DUNS Sweden dress


For Kaitlin, as usual, she wanted twirly dresses. But many of her dresses have linings and underskirts if they twirl. Too hot, so they didn’t come with us. Only the lighter ones did. She was told she would have to wear what I said, and she did, and she looked lovely. She wore shorts once for a morning (sigh. I wish she’d wear them more willingly) and spent a couple of days in lovely loose jumpsuits, which really suited her.

She didn’t need any of the “nice going out for dinner” stuff because dinner out was always too late for the children, so I shall scrap that bit of the packing next time and maybe only put in one outfit for any fancy outing we might manage.

Three lots of swimwear was perfect. One wet, one drying, one for just in case we forgot to sort it all out! Which happens a lot…

Next dinosaur towels

Kitty had flip flops, beach sandals, two other pairs of sandals and some nice evening shoes. She wore Crocs flip flops EVERY day. On the beach and off. She wore her other sandals once each. She wore her evening shoes once but declared they were rubbing (they did look too small) so swapped for flip flops. Next time, I’m just taking flip flops and one nice pair of sandals and save the packing weight for my own clothes!

Two pairs of pyjamas was fine but I’m grateful she didn’t have any accidents, even though she’s pretty good on that front now. Next time I’ll take three, just in case.

The whole time we were there she wore one cardigan once, and that was in the airport! The pack-away rain coat was worth it though, for the one day it did chuck it down for the afternoon. So next time, one cardigan and a kagool will be fine. She also used a cotton bolero type cardigan/shirt which was invaluable to cover her up when the sun was too hot which I think is an essential and was well worth taking.

Linen shirts & neon vest tee from Zara

Rory had a stack of vests packed for “just in case” (of what, I now ask myself?!) that we didn’t use. He had too many rompers too, and again, he didn’t wear his evening trousers and shirts. He mostly wore shorts and t shirt every day. One day he wore some linen dungarees and another he wore a nappy cover and t shirt instead. He did change outfits at least once a day. But his little shorts and t shirts are so small it really isn’t a biggie packing those extras.

My big error with Rory’s packing was pyjamas. His room was cold due to the air conditioning and he always sleeps out of the blankets. I should have packed long pjs, not vests. He seemed OK in a short romper. Next time I’ll just pack long stuff, preferably all in ones so he doesn’t get a cold back when he is curled up on his tummy (his preferred sleeping position!)

And for shoes he only wore his sandals or leather slippers. Full shoes were too hot. I left off the socks too.

So, their packing lists have been shortened! For quick reference (you could always pinch a copy!) here are the updated packing lists for a week in hot sunny climes…

Kaitlin (aged 3):
7 light dresses
2 jumpsuits
2 shorts
2 t shirts
1 evening outfit
One cotton cover up shirt (in case of too much sun)
1 cardigan
1 rain coat
Flip flops
Nice sandals
Closed toe shoe (eg Clarks Doodles) in case of climbing etc
7 day knickers
7 bed knickers (which are the same as day knickers so can be used in case of accidents)
2 pairs of socks just in case of blisters or similar
3 pairs of short pyjamas
3 swimming costumes
3 uv suits

2 hats (in case one is lost!) and sunglasses

Loose floaty trousers for the journey out – then stashed away in case of sun burn!

Rory (15 months):
7 nappy covers/shorts and t shirts
4 short rompers/dungarees (without shirt)
Linen shirt for cover up
2 trousers
2 nice shirts
One little cardigan/jacket in case of chill
Rain coat
Leather slippers
2 pairs of socks
3 UV suits
3 swim nappies
5 long romper pyjamas (he will likely spill breakfast on some! Can rinse and dry if needed)

2 tie on hats and sunglasses

This list should reduce how much I need to pack next time and make life easier when I am there, and in the airport when I have less weight to drag about. It just makes it harder to choose what to leave at home!!! 💜


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