My passion for my children’s clothes

So, all these clothes! Where shall I start? I’ll introduce myself first.

My name is Holly. I work part time. I have a husband, and two children; Kaitlin (3) and Rory (1). I have always enjoyed buying my kids clothes, but over recent months I have discovered more brands, more places and ways to buy, more styles. And in turn I found I was buying more, and more, and more… Their wardrobes were (are!) ridiculously full, and parcels were landing on the doormat daily with new or preloved togs inside.

I started to think I was a kids clothing addict. With sadness I was ready to cut all ties and enter a period of complete abstinence from shopping, browsing, and selling on. But then, a brilliant group of friends I know helped me realise that actually, I just had a passion that I didn’t know how to handle, or what to do with. And so I thought about it some more, and got excited, and it dawned on me that I do know a lot about children’s fashion now. I know how to shop for it, the different styles, what sort of things are available, and where to get good deals. I know what goes well together, how to dress my children for different days and occasions, and how to do comfy yet supercool. How important it is, some days, that the skirt twirls.


And so I am going to try this blog and see if I can share what I love.

My children have far too many clothes, that is for sure. The first thing I am going to do is catalogue it all, and then work out what they enjoy wearing the most using daily photos as a diary. Hopefully then, next season, I can shop rather more discriminately, for the right things, in the right quantities, and choose what is just perfect for them.

But what will be more exciting is to uncover the brands, their best bits, their pros and cons. Where to find them, and how to find them for the best prices. British independents, Scandi, European, UK High Street… You can choose your favourites.

And there will be new discoveries for me too – I have little knowledge of American brands at the moment and hopefully I’ll explore more of this. I don’t know much about vintage clothing but I’m keen to learn. And every season brings new clothes everywhere you look!

I have no idea if I will be any good at this, but I hope you will perhaps join me for at least a little while, as I discover whether this obsession of mine can truly be shared.

Holly  💜

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