I have my mum to thank for my discovery of Sprout. When Kaitlin was two, she bought her a reversible robin dress in time for Christmas time. imageKaitlin loved it and wanted to wear it all the time. A few weeks later when Granny visited again, she came bearing a pair of dungarees for Rory. They were gorgeous; such lovely and unusual colours for a boy for a change. So I peeped on the website… And I was hooked with the lovely bright unisex patterns.image

Based in East Sussex, Sprout clothes were my first foray into British handmade organic jersey cotton clothes for my kids. I have been tempted back again and again to Sprout in particular, because the clothes are so soft and the kids just seem so comfy playing in them.

Kaitlin adores the dresses. They are reversible, so one side is patterned and the other is plain. This meant that despite her outgrowing her special robin dress, she could use it well past Christmas.

The dungarees are soft and hang beautifully. They start with the fit meaning they gather softly at the ankles, overhanging the elasticated cuffs. They look pretty funky, with a harem style to them and a slightly low crotch. imageAs Rory grew through the size (6-9m) they still looked good, fitting perfectly by 9m. This meant that he wore them even longer. The colours lasted well; fading is a problem I have found with other organic cotton fabrics from other suppliers. But with Sprout clothing the colours look great wash after wash. I kept putting him in them until they were half way up his calves, in fact; I loved them so much!

Now Kaitlin and Rory have a pair of Sprout leggings each – Kaitlin has the arrows and Rory the bears – and the sizing is pretty accurate, although not generous. Kaitlin has a t shirt that matches Rory’s leggings, and Rory has a pair of dungarees to match Kaitlin’s most recent dress. In fact, the lovely lady at Sprout lined them with a second layer of jersey for him because he will be wearing them throughout the winter, and Rory seems to get cold very easily. Last year I just chucked some knitted leggings or tights on underneath on especially cold days. But this year I won’t have to!

Kaitlin has even chosen her best friend Max some bug leggings for his birthday. I think he’s going to like them… And Rory has these leaf patterned leggings ready in his wardrobe for the coming autumn. The colours are so bright, they really pop and are such beautiful shades of red and orange. I think they might be my very favourite, but it’s a close run thing between those and his stunning first pair of stripe romper dungarees.

So you can see we have a very happily Sprouty wardrobe! There’s only one downside. They only make children’s clothes to fit up to the age of four. Kaitlin is in the last size! Still, the dungarees come up quite big in the larger sizes so maybe I could get her just one more pair… And look forward to that green parcel landing on the doormat for her once more! 💚



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