This Zara dress

Personally, I like it, I think it is a nice dress, but I don’t love it right now on my daughter. She looks gorgeous to me because she always does, but I think the style is a bit grown up. It doesn’t go with the toddler tummy shape and break dancing she likes to do, even though I think the fit is as perfect as it can be (age 3-4 size 104).

When she is five, I think a dress like this will be stunning – but maybe not at 3. Interestingly it’s from the Zara Girls range instead of Zara BabyGirl, and it’s the smallest size they do. Maybe there is a point here – perhaps the styling in Zara Girl isn’t quite right for the littlies. Maybe I should leave the forays into Zara Girl for next year, when she will no longer fit the BabyGirl stuff.

Well, why rush? 😊



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