Step 1: What Rory has…

Rory’s wardrobe is a bit of a disgrace. It bulges and overflows, with mismatched clothes that I have bought from all over the place. In a world where there is so much poverty, this sort of indulgent excess sits uneasily with me, and it makes me feel slightly ashamed. It doesn’t matter whether I can afford it all, it’s waste, and I’m not proud of that.

It is partly this that has really drawn me into thinking about his clothes more (aside from the nagging from my husband about how many clothes he *actually* needs). As I have recognised the love I enjoy for dressing my children in beautiful or fun clothes, I have also realised that I could shop more thoughtfully, and more carefully. This year I have quickly learned about all sorts of different brands that are new to me. Some of them feel rather pricey, some I only buy preloved. Some I haven’t even bought second hand yet because they are still so expensive, and feel entirely unnecessary when the children already have so much.

I took an album of photographs of everything Rory has that I could get my hands on – everything that was in the drawers and wardrobe, and everything in the washing baskets. There are also some purchases that are still winging their way here, but not too many now my spending has paused.

Theres a bunch of rompers and Molo too that I haven’t pictured here. But I’m sure they’ll appear in due course (Molo post is definitely in the pipeline!).

I started by removing about 10 items now for passing on. That was not enough. He has more trousers than would last him a fortnight without doing a wash! So, with some cool leggings which arrived this morning (see photo – handmade by Little Glad Rags – 💙) I have decided to literally get rid of things that don’t excite me and make me smile like they do. Making sure, of course, that I do leave some cosies in. You never can trust the British summer!

Made by Little Glad Rags

(On which note, footless tights are brilliant. We have a couple of pairs. These under leggings will make them cosy so I have only kept one pair of fleecy comfy joggers, for just in case.)

I looked into his 18-24m stash. If I was being sensible about clothing amounts he already has nearly enough stuff. The problem is, it was either bought for him, or largely bought before I discovered everything else. Or it’s hand me downs from Kaitlin! I want to spruce it up, but not have too many clothes this time.

So I have been brutal with that. I felt I had to keep gifts, but have got of rid of all the hand me downs bar one (lovingly knitted by an aunt), and some of the slightly mainstream things I bought in sales which are nice – but not exciting. There are now three or four outfits left in the stash box.

So I plan to choose the rest of his winter clothes carefully. There will be much fewer – four to six more outfits, I’m planning – but they may well cost more. They might be scandi, Albababy, Sprout, or handmade like the special leggings that arrived today, with a few bits from the high street (because some of it is lovely, and I think you are probably already realising I do love a bit of Zara…) And I hope to uncover some more designers that are me to me. Who knows… That’s the adventure I’m about to embark upon!

Any suggestions of places to shop for this little man will be very welcome, and I’ll get browsing!


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