Step 2: What Kaitlin has…

A lot, is what Kaitlin has. In a similar manner to Rory, her wardrobe has been doubled in size by my exploration into new brands and wanting to have and see everything. More than once I’ve thought “She’d look gorgeous in that, I shouldn’t buy it really… But I’d love to see her in it… I can always send it back…” And clicking buy, knowing full well that in all likelihood it will not go back, and it will get added to her huge amount of excess clothes.

I’m about go and catalogue her clothes like I did for Rory’s, and try to whittle it down. I’ve tried a few times already and it’s much harder. This is because my Kitty is no longer a baby. And she has OPINIONS. Huge, enormous, “I love that”, “these are mine” opinions. I’ve already given her the clothes, and some of them she adores. Some of them she says she loves but it’s only because she doesn’t want them to go anywhere because they are nice, or OK, but most importantly they are HERS. That’s totally understandable, when you are 3.

We have, in recent months, gotten rid of most of her age 2-3 clothes. She turned 3 two weeks ago. We talked about giving them to other children who might not have many nice clothes, and how it would be lovely to share them and give them away now she is no longer using them. And one thing that I had bought she decided she didn’t like, and she gave that away too.

For the rest of it, any suggestion I now make that she isn’t wearing something, is met instantly with “but I don’t want to give it to another little girl! I WILL wear it in the summer”. For everything. Every time.

This afternoon she is out swimming with daddy. I am going to raid her wardrobe, take photos for honesty and prosperity, and try (try…) to part with clothes she won’t wear, and that I think she will not remember. I really need to halve the number of things she has, but that will be almost impossible.

I will be back soon to let you know how I have got on…

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