What I learned from Kitty’s wardrobe

I learned a few important points, and other interesting things of note as I pondered her wardrobe of clothes.

Firstly, I should not buy on gut instinct. Sometimes it’s great. But usually, it’s not! At least two of her dresses that I bought on gut instinct have only been worn once or twice. I thought they were cute. They are, but not as special as some of the things I have found later. The only time that buying on gut instinct is ok, is if it’s a once only opportunity; for example, when you are on holiday abroad, or in store end of line sale.

Kaitlin looks best in bright colours and peaches. I think she actually suits the summer and winter palettes. Spring colours are ok but not amazing. White washes her out. She looks beautiful in everything, but in the right things she is truly stunning.

Novelty clothes are just that, a novelty. I had bought her an American vintage dress on a retro preloved group. It had lots of different things to fasten on the pockets, a lace up area, zips, ties, buttons – all to practice with. A brilliant idea, though a bit roomy. She thought it was AMAZING the first time she wore it, and the next. Then, it just completely disappeared out of her requests. It was probably replaced by Minnie Mouse.

You can’t knock a well loved cartoon character. Kaitlin has never even seen a Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoon. But she loves Minnie’s face. She preferentially chooses the night time pull ups with Minnie Mouse, and will always leave all the princesses until last in the packet. I bought her (on impulse) a cheap grey Minnie Mouse print long sleeved skater dress from Tesco. She adores it. And she looks really funky in it too, it fits her perfectly and the style suits her down to the ground. She really rocks skater dresses! She will ask to wear this dress for at least half the week, and would if I wasn’t trying to get her to wear some of her other lovely clothes!

One pair of jeans is enough when you are perfectly happy in skirts and dresses (even if you have to wear tights. It seems not everyone hates tights as much as me. In fact, she seems to love them; we have to negotiate her wearing socks when it’s hot! It’s not as if she is a chilly little soul – she’s always warm enough. She will, however, wear the long socks I bought from Little Bird by Jools. Maybe that’s the way forward for the summer?).


Oilily is beautiful and I love some of their clothes, but Kaitlin isn’t bothered. She’ll wear her green dress if I suggest it, and she’ll enjoy the compliments she gets (which she always does get because the clothes are intricate and unusual). She would always preferentially run back to her jersey dresses and twirly skirts.

I think I should let Kaitlin choose most of her t shirts. They end up worn a lot, along with comfy dresses, so I might as well let her choose them (from a selection I have already approved. Let’s remember she’s only just 3…)

She still has too many clothes. Over the coming weeks I’m going to bravely ditch what we aren’t reaching for. So long as she can be comfy, and happy that is what is most important. Along with that I’ll make sure there is colour and twirl. And definitely some sparkle. And whatever is left in the wardrobe after that probably has no place in her heart, and no place on those hangers.


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