As promised, here are my musings on Molo. Theres actually a Facebook group called “For the Love of Molo” where you can buy and sell new and preloved items. It is a particular style and taste that attracts people who love it back again and again. I have to say, I love some of it, but others I am really not sure.

Kitty has three pieces of Molo.

imageThe safari dress is her absolute favourite dress. It’s skater style, which means it twirls. She loves the colours, and the animals, and the attention she gets when she is wearing it! I bought it off eBay preloved. It’s a size up (110 instead of 104) but it fits her perfectly (usually I am told by this age Molo is fairly true to size, but this one does seem to come up a little small. To be fair, both of her tops are 104 (3-4) and fit fine).

Katy also gets excited about her polar bears top. I’m actually desperate to find her the fairytale print since I think she will prefer that (think unicorns and fairytale castles)… But it’s like gold dust! So for now she will make do with polar bears. She does seem to really enjoy having the animals on her clothes.

The detail in Molo prints is astounding. Sadly the colours fade in the washing, so her beautiful birds top won’t be as bright as this for long… But the detail doesn’t disappear in the pictures. It doesn’t go horrible and fluffy and lose its precision. In the photographs below, the birds print is the only one that is brand new. The others have been worn and washed multiple times and they don’t look too bad.

And looking at these prints brings me on to another point about Molo. I’m falling out of love with some of the animal prints – especially for Rory. The wolves print is on one of his rompers. He is interested in it and points at the wolves. But some of them are evil looking wolves! There are jungle prints with snakes bearing their teeth, and various other evil looking creatures. And yet, the tigers print is ok… Sort of cuddly (although we all know they can be quite the opposite!)

So Rory’s Molo collection is moving towards friendlier prints. I love his seaplanes outfits (he has a short romper in this print too!), and his racing cars romper. And the trucks arrived in the post this morning…


If you do buy some for your baby, remember that the sizing is often way off, especially in rompers. The body of the racing cars romper fits Rory at 13.5 months when he is technically in the 86 bracket (12-18m). He therefore wears it as a shortie very comfortably – even though it’s a size 68 (3-6m). The wolves romper is an 86 and I honestly don’t think it will fit him until he is two. His seaplanes outfit is an 80 (9-12m) and fits just right. So maybe size down at least one size, or two if your little one is on the small side.

Sadly I think my love affair with Molo has lost a little steam (which is perhaps a good thing given how much we have!), but I have got my eye on certain prints that I will look out for preloved. I’m on the lookout for the fairytale print I mentioned for Kaitlin, and the light sabres print for Rory. This print is bright and colourful – and this is one reason I adore Rory’s racing cars romper. It’s just so bright! I’m constantly on the lookout for the rainbow jacket for either of them too. I also quite like the jungle leaves trousers; I think Rory would like them in a couple of years time, but they are perhaps a little “sensible” for my excitable bouncing baby boy right now.

But there are new season releases happening by Molo twice a year too… so by the time Rory is Kaitlin’s age I will probably want something else! 💜


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