Baby socks that STAY ON??!


This is a view that every parent gets used to. Often while pondering where on earth the socks are strewn… And wondering for the 90 millionth time how to keep socks on those freezing little feet. (I am ignoring the evidence of general children based mess. We spend more time making a mess than tidying up in our house…)

We often use Mocc-Ons. But they are knitted and pretty warm for some days. And quite often they work their way off and irritate Rory intensely flapping about while he is trying to cruise. They are great for trips out though, and usually keep the socks safe!

Rorys cow print Mocc-Ons

People rave about sock ons. Oh wow, they are great, while your baby is tiny. We didn’t need them until about 8 months old. Then he worked out how to get them off too… And then off came the socks again!

But what about the socks? Up until 8 months the long fold down Next socks were great. They come in packs of five and really are pretty good. Annoyingly, they seem to have disappeared from their online catalogue… *sigh*

Then Rory was on the move much more and he’d drag them off on the carpet while crawling about the place… Chilly feet again…

So, since Rory has triumphed over sock ons I have had to think more carefully about sock choice. Generally I have found that long socks stay on better than short ankle socks. Stands to reason I suppose.

Polarn O. Pyret long socks… We actually find the elasticated ankle socks better

Here follows my quick and to the point summary on which socks stay on my baby’s feet.

Marks and Spencer ankle socks – rubbish to the extreme. They work themselves off in seconds.

Mothercare ankle socks – very poor. Last maybe a few more seconds than M&S socks…

Jo Jo Maman Bebe knee high socks – baggy! Come off easily. Not impressed.

Joules ankle socks – much better! Stay on a while. But not perfect… It just takes a bit of application determination from Rory and they can be overcome…


Polarn O. Pyret socks – pretty good! Especially the ankle socks. He cannot take these off absentmindedly when they are on, and he plays in them fine, without them working their way off especially quickly. He can get them off but usually gives up… Caught in the act in this photo!




UBang long socks. Perfect! But these are hugely expensive. I got them in a sale half price from Little Sunflowers ( – but even at that they were still pricey! He cannot get these off. So it depends how much you want to pay!




Or if that fails I recommend 1) long socks then 2) leggings on top then 3)leg warmers!!! Leg warmers are from eBay. And Rory has not, as yet, been able to get his socks off from underneath knitted leggings!


If it’s not too cold though Rory wears his leather slippers on bare feet and he seems to choose to keep these on, even though he can take them off. Good thing too, they cost me a lot of money… But they are beautiful and worth every penny… Personalised from Kinder Feet (



So perhaps we’ve cracked it with the socks. For now at least, his feet stay warm… 💜


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  1. Oh socks are a nightmare!! We used those sock ons to start with but they are too small now. I think he’d be able to pull them off, too! May have to invest in some longer socks I think. Oh well it’s nearly summer so I won’t worry too much!!


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